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When I was about 8 years old my nan gave up riding her Puch Maxi so I got it to ride in the garden (and to the shops). It was just like this one.

When I was 14 my dad bough me my first real bike. The idea it would be used in the woods then put on the road when I got to 16. It was a Suzuki TS50ER like the one below but in Red.


By now I was working and managed to buy a Kawasaki KE125 for when I turned 17. It was just like this one below.

KE125 Picture

While I had the KE125, my dad had a Yamaha XS750 like the one below. As neither of us had passed our tests, he bought a Sidewinder sidecar thing that bolted to the footpegs and got around the law for 125cc learner bikes. The design of this side car thing allowed you to ride it like a normal bike that was just a bit wider. Whilst it was not actually mike bike like the rest shown here, it was an important bit of my riding career.


After passing my test, the KE125 went and was replaced with a Honda CB500T. This is the one bike I regret selling as I did not realise how rare it was until many years later. Mine was no where near as good condition of this one.


Then a Honda CB250N Superdream that I kept for many years.


A Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis like the one below.


Once the i scared myself enough I got rid of the FZR and bought my first new bike. It was a Yamaha FZS600 Fazer. At last a picture of my actual bike.


Having had enough of the Mrs moaning about the bike not being comfortable enough, after 7 years, I traded it in for a Honda ST1100 Pan European that finally got traded in in June 2010 as it was just too big to use normally


The Biffer (CBF1000) is now the bike I have.











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